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Tokamak Engineering


This is a course at BME of 2 ECTS value taught by Tom Todd - Chief Technologist of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (retired).


Course information

This is a 2 ECTS course registered at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics consisting of a 1 week lecture series on-site and individual off-site work. Requirements for course completion:

  1. Registration and negotiation of an individual research project.
  2. On-site participation on the lectures and afternoon activities.
  3. Short presentation on the individual research project during the on-site week.
  4. Completion and submission of a mini-thesis till the specified deadline. (Report format, maximum 10 pages total including tables and figures, maximum 2000 words overall.)

Taking part at the on-site lectures without any off-site work and evaluation is also possible. This is honoured by a certificate without any associated ECTS.

Cost: Attendance at the course is free, but travel expenses need to be covered by the students. Financial coverage can be applied for at FUSENET.

Accommodation and travel: There is no central organization of the accommodation and travel. There are a large number of possible accommodations close to the university that you can choose from according to your needs and preferences. Location of the course is at room R215, North Staircase of building R at the BME Campus. (map)

CV of lecturer: Tom Todd has amassed considerable experience in fusion technology over a career spanning almost 40 years. His early work at Culham included superconducting devices, stellarators and tokamaks, before a secondment to the DIII-D tokamak at General Atomics in San Diego, US. He then played key roles in Culham's CLEO and Compass experiments, and served on many design reviews for proposed fusion devices in Europe and beyond, including several ITER technical review committees. Further roles followed in tokamak diagnostics and in technology transfer between fusion and industry. Tom Todd was involved in the design of both the START and MAST spherical tokamaks, chairing the MAST Advisory Committee. He moved to the UKAEA Dounreay nuclear decommissioning site in Scotland in 1999 as Manager of the Design Services Department. In 2004 he became Chief Engineer at Culham, responsible for the operational limits of the JET and MAST devices, and was appointed Chief Technologist in 2011. He retired from UKAEA in 2014 and is now a fusion systems consultant and a course lecturer for many different organisations. A Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and a member of the Institute of Physics, he has a publication list of around 160 papers.


Online course start

Registration to the course starts at 10 July 2018, by sending an e-mail to pokol(at)reak.bme.hu. First step is the negotiation of a mini-thesis topic, and gaining access to the online course materials and online forum. Registration ends  21 August 2018.          


Lecture series by Tom Todd at BME R215

27 – 31 August 2018


Monday, 27 August

            8:30    Tom Todd: Magnetic Confinement Fusion Basics                                                   

            9:30     Coffee break

            10:00  Tom Todd: How to Build a Tokamak – Part 1 

            11:00   Short break

            11:15  Tom Todd: How to Build a Tokamak – Part 2                             

            12:15   Discussion/Tutorial Session                                                             

            12:45   Lunch 

            14:15  1. group: Laboratory demonstration (L. Orosz, G. Pokol)

                        2. group: Project work in teams (G. Veres)                                   

            17:15   Close

            19:00   Social event  - Gellért hill tour (meeting location: at the corner below the cave chapel)                                                                        


Tuesday, 28 August

            8:30    Tom Todd: The Role of Poloidal Field Coils in a Tokamak                                        

            9:30     Coffee break                                                                                     

            10:00    Tom Todd: How to operate a tokamak                               

            11:30   Short break

            11:45   Tom Todd: The Sources, Effects and Control of Error Fields in a Tokamak                                                                        

            12:45   Discussion/Tutorial Session                                                             

            13:00   Lunch                                                 

            14:30  1. group: Project work in teams (G. Veres)

                        2. group: Laboratory demonstration ( K. Hartlein, G. Pokol)

            17:30   Close


Wednesday, 29 August

            8:30    Tom Todd: The Engineering Design of ITER – Part 1                                       

            9:45     Coffee break                                                                                     

            10:15  Tom Todd: The Engineering Design of ITER – Part 2                                       

            11:30   Discussion/Tutorial Session                                                             

            12:00   Training reactor visit (G. Pokol)

            13:30   Lunch 

            14:30  Individual project work, preperation for presentations                                                                           

            18:00   Close


Thursday, 30 August

            8:30     Tom Todd: The Engineering Design of JET – Part 1

            9:30     Coffee break                                                                                     

            10:00   Tom Todd: The Engineering Design of JET – Part 2

            10:30   Short break

            10:45   Tom Todd: Remote Handling in Fusion

            12:00   Discussion/Tutorial Session   

            12:30   Lunch 

            14:00   Project presentations, discussion (Tom Todd, Gabor Veres, Gergo Pokol)

            18:00   Close


Friday, 31 August

            08:30  Tom Todd: Engineering Design Considerations for DEMO – Part 1               

            10:00   Coffee break                                                                                     

            10:30  Tom Todd: Engineering Design Considerations for DEMO – Part 2               

            12:00   Discussion/Tutorial Session                                                             

            12:30   Lunch                                                                                                                       

            14:00  Tom Todd: Design Constraints for Plasma Diagnostics in DEMO                   

            15:00   Summary and closing remarks                                                                    

            16:00   Close


Online course ends

Mini-thesis submission deadline is 17 September 2018, feedback and final evaluation is provided within a week after.